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1 分以内

0:27The Beef with Beef(No.0038 / Theo / flag)
Theo is not happy about his beef bowl. He explains why.
0:31Healthy Diet(No.0082 / Tara / flag)
Tara shares her thoughts about eating a healthy diet.
0:36Day at the Beach(No.0090 / James / flag)
James talks about a good day at the beach with friends.
0:36Opposites(No.0121 / Diana / flag)
Diana is given an adjective and must thing of the first word that comes to mind.
0:40A Million Dollars(No.0102 / Keith / flag)
Keith answers the questions, "What would you do with a million dollars?"
0:42Finland(No.0104 / Keith / flag)
Keith talks about his stay in Finland.
0:43Teen Years(No.0164 / Mark / flag)
Mark talks a little about his teens.
0:44Likes and Dislikes (No.0115 / Keith / flag)
Keith talks about his preferences
0:44Life Adjustment(No.0117 / Keith / flag)
Keith talks about what is different and the same after marriage.
0:45Perfect Day(No.0193 / Nicola / flag)
Nicola talks about what would be the perfect day for her.
0:46Likes and Dislikes(No.0120 / Keith / flag)
Keith talks about things that he likes and dislikes.
0:46The Wedding - Her Story(No.0205 / Anna / flag)
Anna talks about her wedding day memories.
0:47Photography(No.0057 / Theo / flag)
Theo is a photographer and he shares his thoughs on cameras.
0:47Girl Scouts(No.0182 / Anna / flag)
Anna talks about her time with the Girl Scouts when she was younger.
0:48Nickname(No.0024 / David / flag)
David explains why no one calls him David and how he got his nickname.
0:49Weather(No.0062 / James / flag)
James talks about the day's weather.
0:49English Life(No.0064 / Tara / flag)
Tara talks about her hometown back in England.
0:50Summer(No.0111 / Kerri / flag)
Kerri answers questions about summer.
0:51House Description(No.0139 / Nicola / flag)
Nicola talks describes her house back in Australia.
0:52Tokyo(No.0061 / Tara / flag)
Tara now lives in Tokyo. She shares her thoughts on this Japanese city.
0:52Animals(No.0107 / Diana / flag)
Diana answers questions about animals and the zoo.
0:52Reading(No.0167 / Mark / flag)
Mark talks about his love of books.
0:53Meet Nanju(No.0170 / Nanju / flag)
Nanju answers questions about his life.
0:54Manchester(No.0153 / Mathew / flag)
Mathew talks about his city.
0:55The Weather(No.0076 / Marika / flag)
Marika talks about the day's weather and about the kinds of weather she likes.
0:55School Life(No.0087 / Jeanna / flag)
Jeanna is an American high school student. She talks a little about school life.
0:55Tokyo Nights(No.0093 / Shane / flag)
Shane talks about why he came to Tokyo from Dublin.
0:55The Scarf(No.0260 / Annili / flag)
Annili gets a compliment about her wardrobe.
0:56The Band(No.0075 / James / flag)
James is in a band. He talks about it and the kind of music he plays.
0:56Tacos(No.0200 / Anna / flag)
Anna talks about how she like to make tacos.
0:57Money(No.0067 / James / flag)
James talks about what he would do if he was given a million dollars.
0:57Driving(No.0072 / Kerri / flag)
Kerri talks about the process of getting a driver's license in the United States.
0:57Fruit(No.0165 / Nanju / flag)
Nanju talks about his favorite fruit.
0:58The Cold(No.0048 / Conrad / flag)
Conrad is sick. He explains his illness.
0:58Good Dog!(No.0084 / James / flag)
James talks about his beloved dog back home.
0:58The Commute(No.0086 / Yoko / flag)
Yoko talks about her daily commute on the train in Tokyo.
0:58Sushi(No.0148 / Matt / flag)
Matt talks about sushi and where he usually eats sushi in Japan.
0:58Norwegian Summer(No.0160 / Christian / flag)
Christian talks about summer in his country of Norway.
0:59Bowling(No.0114 / Joel / flag)
Joel just finished bowling. He talks about his game.
0:59Pizza(No.0225 / Steve / flag)
Steve talks about a food he loves and what he like to put on it.
ass="time">1:14The Fish Market(No.0054 / Daisuke / flag)
Daisuke works at Tsugiji fish market in Japan. He talks about his job.
1:14Reading(No.0106 / Kerri / flag)
Kerri answers questions about reading.
1:14Night Life(No.0143 / Trevor / flag)
Trevor talks about his routine during a typical evening.
1:14Tattoo(No.0146 / Jason / flag)
Jason talks about his tattoo.
1:14Onsens(No.0211 / Steve / flag)
Steve talks about his love of onsens, or Japanese hot springs.
1:15Canadian Cities(No.0088 / Marika / flag)
Marika talks about the three main cities of Canada.
1:15Cricket(No.0168 / Selvam / flag)
Selvam talks a little about his favorite sport.
1:15The Commute(No.0197 / Todd / flag)
Todd gives his thoughts about taking the train to work every day.
1:17Summer Vacation(No.0013 / Jeanna / flag)
Jeanna talks about her summer vacation and what she did.
1:17Writing(No.0034 / Jeff / flag)
Jeff talks about the process and struggles of being a writer.
1:17Recipe(No.0161 / Alexandra / flag)
Alexandra gives her special Cuban recipe.
1:18Pasta Dish(No.0068 / Jessica / flag)
Jessica talks about making manicotti, an Italian pasta dish.
1:18The Accident (No.0186 / Nicola / flag)
Nicola talks about a time her brother was in a bad accident.
1:18First Love

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